After sending us your information, please give our team a day or two to get back to you. We’ll ask a few follow up questions and schedule a discovery call to make sure you can ask all the questions you want from our team. Following that call we’ll package a proposal for your review and approval.

Once the proposal is approved our team will schedule an onboarding call with you to set up logistics, communication setup with your account manager, content schedule, and understand any limitations you might have with your fans as well as ensuring you of what marketing would be best for you personally.

All content rights stay with you, we do not own any content provided to us. We simply own the distribution rights to your content during the time that you are signed with us.

Both works, depending on the circumstance we may have individual recommendations after our team reviews your situation. Please send your information to our team for review.

We focus on small to large accounts. We do not typically work with starter accounts unless it is backed by an existing large social media following. However, feel free to send your information to our team any way as our team may have recommendations or other resources for you if you are just beginning.

Our promotion campaigns are focused on growing your onlyfans directly using paid shoutout campaigns with a network of top performing models with guaranteed results (on free accounts). We also grow instagram accounts using paid shoutouts on larger instagram accounts to promote you and your content while following strict IG rules around adult material.

Rarely. The only services we offer a la carte are promotional services. If account management is a service you are seeking, full account management is required so our team can guide the account to success.

Absolutely, please send us your information through one of our intake forms and we’ll reach out to setup a discovery call.

Very occasionally. Our primary focus is onlyfans, however if you have a large concentration in another platform our team is able to implement the same management and growth strategies.

The minimum content pieces will be discussed during discovery and onboarding. That said, we usually recommend a minimum of 14 content pieces weekly. The more content you produce, the higher your sales will be. Content is one of the largest indicators of whether the account will become massively successful, or plateau over time.

All our contracts are month to month, cancel anytime with 30 days’ notice. We have no long term contracts.

Your account information is the most useful information for our team to review and plan a proposal from there. When sending your information on our site, please be as detailed as possible!

An account overview is done the days after onboarding and allows our team to review how the account has performed in the past, where the main sources of revenue come from, identify top fans, and informs our strategy creation.

You will have a direct line of communication to your account manager via whatsapp, text message or email. The account manager will send you any custom requests from a fan. You can either chose to accept or decline.

You will have access to your account manager via whatsapp text message or email.

Yes, our team will go through your content in your vault and organize everything so that the Alignment chatters can easily find and track content each day.

We invoice weekly. Depending on your country, we can work with a number of different payment processors.

The average creator we work with makes $50,000/month. We do consider applicants that earn less based on social media presence and engagement.

At Alignment we prioritize security and do not share direct access to your OnlyFans account with any non-management level members of our team. To maintain the security of your account, we utilize a company virtual private server (VPS) system in which our team can access and view your account without being provided with direct login credentials. This ensures that your account remains secure and that passwords are not shared among multiple individuals working on your account.